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Sinful, Astrid/Dante

Title: Sinful
Authors: slain_july & thezebraskin
Characters: Astrid & Dante
Fandom: Original
Theme Set: #HW2, set list found here.
Theme(s): #41, sinful
Warnings and Notes: Hello, it's been a while, and looks like we missed quite a bit.. Hopefully there's still a few of you hanging around here. If not.. well, we're posting anyway, just to keep ourselves occupied. Journals will continue to be updated, as well as posts to this community. Anyway, this particular Dante/Astrid endeavour would probably earn an R rating from the Motion Picture Society, for excessive drug use, mention of alcohol, and sex.

005. Sinful
Kanda - Falling Petal


Hi all,

I'm really sorry I didn't get to this earlier, but I've been running around like a madwoman in the final days before a convention and I scarcely even sat down at my computer.

In light of LJ's recent policy clusterfucks changes and clarifications, I have personally chosen to remove myself from Livejournal. The transition has been a bit slow and isn't wholly complete, but that is neither here nor there - I should have made an announcement sooner, because I know people have been wondering.

If someone would like to take over administration of this community, I would be more than happy to hand it over. Alternatively, you are all very welcome to simply transfer your claim over to "10_rpscenes" over on Insanejournal. The administrator of that community has been taking part in this one since soon after its inception and is a good friend of mine. She has exactly the same setup as here (including the 50-item prompt lists), and has far more time to administer the community than I do.

Even if no one takes over the community, I will of course leave it up. People are welcome to keep posting their RP scenes and playing. I just won't be updating the claim lists or the memories.

It's been fun running this community, and I thank you all for your understanding.