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22 May 2007 @ 01:37 pm
Dirty - Sephiroth/Zack  
Title: Dirty
Authors: forgottenlover and icedark_elf
Characters: Sephiroth and Zack Fair (matched as above)
Fandom: Final Fantasy Seven
Theme Set: HW1
Theme(s): 17 Giggly
Warnings and Notes: We skipped a few months for this one.

Zack: *is glad to be back in camp. Had sent the rest of his squad on ahead to the showers, which, given some of the looks they had been getting once they had hit camp, was probably a good thing. He knew the jungle mud they were covered in stank, but after having being in and around it for hours, he couldn't smell it anymore. Or much of anything else. Though it was slowly starting to dry. And itch. Well, he would get the basics of how the ambush had gone to Seph, including the fact all their people came back, and then go get his own shower. Could give a better report later. So, goal in mind, he went Seph-hunting*

Sephiroth: ::He'd finished checking on supplies and troops not long before, the twilight hour indicating that there would be a change of hands, and it was better that things were secured beforehand. Satisfied all was as it ought be, he'd started for his tent, though the last thing he expected to see pass was anyone coated with mud. Just what were the men doing?!::

Zack: *Seph-hunting. Seph-hunting. Oh, there he was* Hey, Seph. *makes his way for him, wanting to get this done with so he could go wash off.*

Sephiroth: ::stares at the mud coated... Zack. Well.:: You need a bath.

Zack: I know. *moves closer, seeing that stare* Just wanted to give you the mission report. A quick and dirty version, at least.

Sephiroth: Very well then. ::eases to keep him out of arms reach:: Proceed so you can go.

Zack: What? No hug? *opens his arms, grinning slightly as he moved forward. He had noticed the retreat.* Got everyone back safe, and the ambush went well.

Sephiroth: That's good. ::backs away:: No hug.

Zack: Aw, come on. *moves a little faster, still grinning* I'm feeling unloved here.

Sephiroth: Then go take a bath. ::veers a bit so he didn't run into anything and stays out of reach. No way by Hels grace was he letting Zack hug him when he looked like that::

Zack: *fighting hard to not snicker, and makes a lunge forward. At least Seph hadn't said that he was unloved. Yay, progress!*

Sephiroth: ::jumps quickly to the side, having no intention in the least of catching the man:: What do you think you're doing?

Zack: Hugging you. *innocent eyes, still grinning*

Sephiroth: No. ::shies away::

Zack: What's wrong, Seph?

Sephiroth: You're filthy!

Zack: *is starting to snicker* Yep. Had to hide in mud. They never knew we were there. *attempts another hug*

Sephiroth: ::moves away more quickly:: As though anyone else would have gone in there after you. Go take a bath.

Zack: *keeps following him* Aw, just one hug first.

Sephiroth: No. ::moves more quickly::

Zack: *highly amused and continues to follow*

Sephiroth: Go. Take. A. Bath. ::almost trips, then gives up and turns on his heel to get better speed. He was not getting that slime all over him. He was not.::

Zack: *slows and lets him escape, watching*

Sephiroth: ::disappears into his tent. He hadn't run away. He'd just made his point clear. Yes.::

Zack: *sits down and can't help it. Is laughing helplessly, trying to catch his breath and failing, but that was just too, too funny.*

Sephiroth: ::eyes the wall of his tent, then just decides to pretend he doesn't hear that, sitting down in a huff. The man had better take a bath before he came back to report properly::

Zack: *laughs till he's almost giggling, and, slowly, pulls himself together. Time for a shower and to go report proper. Though people in camp were going to have to deal with him running through camp in just a towel. He wasn't going into his tent covered in this stuff. So, wash, then collect his clothing. Sounded like a plan. Goes to do it.*

Sephiroth: ::peers out his tent flap once the noise stopped::

Zack: *washes, then goes to collect clean clothing. Boots are a loss at the moment, would work on them. Tomorrow. Heads for Seph's tent bare foot*

Sephiroth: ::had been satisfied that the man had left and had turned his attention to smaller tasks in his tent. He did eye the man from head to foot when he stepped in though::

Zack: Look. All clean. *holds hands out and turns in place* Satisfied?

Sephiroth: I suppose you'll do.

Zack: *snorts* So much love. Mission a success, and you should have seen your face.

Sephiroth: ::narrows his eyes at him and then ignores the comment entirely:: No injuries?

Zack: *grins* None. I think we startled them. The message has already been giving to our coders, and hopefully they'll have it deciphered soon. *snags a place to sit and settles, wiggling his toes*

Sephiroth: ::nods and then eyes the toes:: Where are your shoes?

Zack: Gonna have to clean them in the morning. They're a mess.

Sephiroth: ::veers his mind away from that:: Expected considering your... earlier attire.

Zack: *nods* Still, it got the job done and it got my squad home all in one piece. So it was worth it.

Sephiroth: ::caught somewhere between dubious and approving:: Well, so long as you don't stink anymore, then I suppose that is enough.

Zack: Not like I enjoyed it either, you know. *amused at this entire situation* So, can I get a hug now? *teasing him*

Sephiroth: ::seems to consider the viability of that::

Zack: *grins at him, curious what he's going to do*

Sephiroth: ::hums and arches an eyebrow at him, looking back to his face::

Zack: So is that a no?

Sephiroth: ... ::turns to go poke at something further into his tent::

Zack: *snorts* Right. Anyway, anything interesting happen while I was out?

Sephiroth: Nothing pertinent occurred.

Zack: Sounds boring.

Sephiroth: Typically.

Zack: I suppose that's good. Think I need to organize a round of games to keep the guys on their toes. *innocent look*

Sephiroth: ...... ::actually looks at him again:: No.

Zack: Why not? Last time was fun.

Sephiroth: For you.

Zack: I know others had fun. *frowns* Well, until they lost their pants. But they had fun again once they got them back.

Sephiroth: ::just eyes him::

Zack: *innocent look. No, not a shitstirrer here. Nope, not at all.*

Sephiroth: No.

Zack: Aw. You can help me figure out what to do to them? Or I can just start pulling pranks. *stretches, relaxing in the chair* Though I hear we won't be here for much longer.

Sephiroth: ::pauses, then cocks his head:: Many have been shipped back, but we're hardly prime candidates to be among them Zack.

Zack: Rumor has it that there are talks about a truce.

Sephiroth: Rumors can be flawed. We'll see.

Zack: It would be nice to go back home. Well, to Midgar.

Sephiroth: Midgar is as much home as anywhere else would be I suppose. ::turns his back to him and works on making sure his things were tended to::

Zack: I should so drag you out to meet my family, you know?

Sephiroth: Oh do I? ::settles to rub down his blade::

Zack: Yeah. Get you away from Midgar and away from here. Gongaga is a quiet place. Got a reactor, but nothing ever really happens there.

Sephiroth: ::snorts and flicks a hand at him in an almost dismissive manner:: You have such hopes for when this conflict is finally resolved.

Zack: Has to end someday. If nothing else, after we've killed everyone here. *quiet voice. Doesn't really like that idea at all.*

Sephiroth: Yes, eventually. Then home hmm? ::shakes his head slightly, not looking up, the word having a bit of sarcasm more than anything else::

Zack: *shrugs* For some, yeah. Midgar would be home, but mostly because my friends will be there. Just like Gongaga is home because it's where my family is. So, any plans for when we do get to go back to Midgar?

Sephiroth: No.

Zack: Well, you know you're going to have to keep dealing with me. Unless I managed to get myself killed. *shrugs again* Maybe you should stock up on headache medicine?

Sephiroth: Hmm. I'm certain that whatever the instance, I will be kept well occupied. Matters beyond that will occur only as they so fall.

Zack: *dry tone* So glad I provide some useful service.

Sephiroth: ::glances up and over to him, blinking once:: I wasn't referring to you.

Zack: Well, then, what will be keeping you occupied? *is curious, and watching him calmly.*

Sephiroth: ::Small shrug:: I've no idea as of yet, though I'm sure the company would have something in mind.

Zack: Thought about taking a vacation after this?

Sephiroth: I won't get one.

Zack: Couldn't hurt to try.

Sephiroth: And pointless by the same coin.

Zack: *just shakes his head* Not going to even try it, hmm?

Sephiroth: ::bristles a little and looks sideways at him, stressing his words. The man just wasn't understanding.:: There. Would. Be. No. Point.

Zack: *sighs* Right. Fine. *stands* I guess I'll take my leave if you are going to be like that. Normally I'd needle you more over it, but you seem a bit snappy, and I have spent most of my day hiding in stinky jungle muck. I'll come in and type up my report in the morning. *heads for the way out*

Sephiroth: ::shakes his head and turns his gaze back to the blade:: There's never a point in these things Zack. ::quieter voice::

Zack: If you try, maybe they'll start to realize that there might be a point. But I'm one who believes in the power of stubbornness.

Sephiroth: I am not going to get my hopes up for nothing again. Good night.

Zack: Sounds like I'm going to have to put my stubbornness to work for you. Good night, Seph. Sleep well, okay? *moves out of the tent*

Sephiroth: ::just shakes his head, not looking up and focusing on his self appointed task of the moment as he listens to him leave::

Zack: *heads for his tent, already plotting how to get Seph a vacation. The man obviously needed one.*

Sephiroth: ::puts the conversation out of his mind and leans further down, gaze intently focused. He'd sleep when he finished::
Icedark_elf: Happy smiles Zack-animatedicedark_elf on May 23rd, 2007 01:17 am (UTC)
Zack is stubborn. *nods*