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50 RPs

Themed Roleplaying Challenge Community

Roleplaying Themed Challenge
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I've been watching all of my friends get involved in various writing challenges, from single-sentences to full arcs of fics, for quite a while now. None of the communities appealed to me, because while I do a lot of writing, it's hardly ever on my own. Then inspiration struck.

This is a themed writing community along the lines of many of the writing challenges that are out there, but with a twist. To participate, you choose a partner, and submit a claim for two characters. They may be original character, or fandom. Crossovers, AUs, and the like are all welcome. Choose a set of themes, and instead of writing a series of fics, you and your partner will start roleplaying your characters.

The scenes can jump around in time, or can follow a story-style progression. Some scenes can be done solo, or you can do all of them as a partnership, but all of the scenes should be consistent in terms of the relationship between the two characters. You may choose the 'Heavyweight Challenge' (50 themes) or the 'Lightweight Challenge' (10 themes). Each scene you complete and post to the community should conform to one or more of your themes. Read the Rules section for more information.

Please be aware that this community is open to all characters (original and canon), as well as all pairings (slash/yaoi, femmeslash/yuri, and heterosexual) and threesomes. Note that if you do a threesome, that means you need two partners. This will sometimes require coordinating three-person scenes, which could make the challenge harder, but since two-person and solo scenes are also allowed, it should still be doable. Warnings and lj-cuts are required, not just expected.

Community Rules

  1. To join the challenge, take the following steps:

    1. You and your partner join the community.

    2. Go to the Theme Set page, and you and your partner agree on a set of themes.

    3. Go to the Claiming page and post your claim. Make sure to read the claiming post to make sure you include all of the required information.

    4. Get RPing!

  2. If you want to join the fun and need a partner, feel free to make a post in 50_rps_ads.

  3. You may choose any pair of characters, from any canon, or original characters. Make sure to check the claiming page before choosing your characters, to make sure you are not duplicating a pair. While pairs can't be duplicated, a character who's been claimed CAN be claimed for a different pairing.

  4. You may participate in up to three different claims, with the same partner or different partners.

  5. Non-members and members alike are encouraged to comment on scenes with praise and squealing. Please ask permission of the authors before giving constructive criticism, and make sure they are OK with you giving it publically before posting it as a comment.

  6. There is no time limit for getting your set of themes finished. However, if you don't post for many months, and someone else would like your pairing, there is a chance that I will pass it on to them. I'll evaluate such requests on a case-by-case basis

  7. You are encouraged (but not required) to create an 'introductory' or 'index' post, with your list of themes, and link to each RP scene as you complete it. This will allow someone to read through the ongoing story in order, and help you keep track of what themes you have left.

  8. I don't intend to moderate this community very closely. We are here to have fun, and I don't want to have to monitor everything! Please note that this community has a strict NO DRAMA policy. Don't like how someone is portraying your favourite character? Tough! Take it to bad_rpers_suck, with my blessing. Anyone causing drama runs the risk of banning.

  9. If you have any questions, COMMENT in the FAQ post. If the question is something you'd prefer not to be public, EMAIL the moderator at: chichirinoda at gmail dot com. DO NOT track her down on an instant messenger, unless she specifically requests otherwise. She will do her best to answer any and all questions as quickly as possible.
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